Entrzelle reissues "Part Of The Movement"  

January 19th, 2014

version 2...remake...update...  whatever you want to call it, this is a new and improved version of the debut album, "Part Of The Movement," originally released in 2012.  The Entrzelle sound has changed a lot (for the better) since then, and I felt the debut deserved a full makeover.  Official release date is Tuesday 1/21/14, but fans can get their copy now by visiting

Physical copies also available upon request.


Entrzelle teams up with KennyKennyGear 

October 15th, 2013

Entrzelle has partnered with KennyKennyGear to provide the soundtrack for their debut fashion show.  

KennyKennyGear is the hottest new brand of fashion harnesses and accessories, and will kick off their new line this Wednesday, October 16th, at Mickys in West Hollywood (CA).  More info about the event can be found here, as well as their official website,


Brand new single "Outlive" released today 

July 9, 2013

Entrzelle resurfaces from the studio with many new developments, including lots of new music and a new live band lineup.  While you wait for further's a brand new song.  

"Outlive" is the first single from the next full length Entrzelle album (yet to be announced), and marks the beginning of a new era for the band.  
Download your digital copy here.

New EP "Biotic Shift" available now 

 March 19, 2013

Remixes of songs from the debut album, as well as exclusive remixes of 2 new songs, "Bloodborne" and "Life Liberty."  7 tracks of writhing, incendiary electronics to simmer the blood and stir the soul.

Buy the album here 

Entrzelle featured on Christmas compilation 

December 18, 2012

Entrzelle is featured on the new release Hell, It's Christmas...Again for his adaptation of the classic "White Christmas."  The compilation is produced and released by Hollywood RX Records, and is available in digital format December 18th 2012.


New EP finished and awaiting release 

November 22, 2012

After a major last minute makeover, the new EP is completed and ready for public ears.  Does that mean you get to hear it?  Not til the record label says so.  Stay tuned to catch the release date.


Debut Album "Part Of The Movement" Now Available 

 January 2, 2012

 “ atypical, dark sound...spooky...the music is quite worked out and carried by strong leads."

- Side-Line Magazine

A declaration of a new voice in aggressive electronic music, Part Of The Movement is a kaleidoscopic exploration of song-based electronic music. Shimmering layers of melody and texture carry themes ranging from corrupt politics to self-immolation to sexual primitiveness, as the album shines a bright light through the prism of industrial music in a daring attempt to challenge a genre that has become increasingly comfortable.

Features the single “Fraud,” as well as “Rites Of Romance” and “Come Through.” Part Of The Movement is available in digital format January 2, 2012, and physically available upon request.